About Us

As Sadıkoğlu Group, we started our service in 1962 to bring a new breath to the construction sector and to offer strong and useful structures. We are building robust and usable structures by combining technological developments with our experience over the past years. We have put into service an advanced level of quality understanding in technology and workmanship in many buildings that we have delivered in the period that has passed after a rapid introduction to the construction sector.

As a result of the importance we attach to R&D studies, we are waiting for you in our creative architectural structures that fully reflect your wishes. By taking firm and firm steps from the past to the present, we bring you together with our creative and constructive professional management staff, the structures you will be satisfied from the first day you start to use them.

We offer you the address of trust in construction with our ground survey studies for each of the buildings, our choice of quality in the materials we will use, the professionalism of the field and our corporate management style of all our employees. We leave our structures, which are approved for their strength from all kinds of inspections, to your use with peace of mind. By creating living spaces that fully reflect you and where you will find peace, we share the best days of your life. Our greatest feature is attention and care in every issue.

By gaining prestige in the construction industry, which we have developed in accordance with technology, we are taking the rope in this field to the end. By feeling the responsibility that comes to mind first when it comes to construction, we show the necessary meticulousness at every stage of construction. By making your satisfaction our goal, you will feel privileged in buildings where you will fill every moment with pleasure, fun and happiness. By paying attention to environmental awareness, we prepare structures suitable for city construction and leave you alone with a healthy and clean environment.

Under the reference of all our large and small buildings we have built so far, we announce our name throughout the country and present our structures as the address of trust, health and durability at every corner. While experiencing the justified pride of the years we have crowned with success, we add young and dynamic employees to our staff every day, and we address all segments in common. In line with your suggestions and demands, we constantly update our working strategy in order to provide better service, and we blend our quality and experience with your thoughts.